Sunday, August 29, 2004

Goodbye Teri

Today I went to my friend Teri's house for her going away party. She is moving from St. Louis to Kansas City. Not much to celebrate for us, but you know, any excuse for a party! And we're all very excited for Teri and Sid (her husband). It was a very good potluck and I ate WAY too much. This is a picture of the two of us. We are blurry (probably because we ate too much), and while Teri does not look stupidly happy like me, I chalk that up to the fact that she was talking, not that she really didn't want to be in a picture with "Stupid".

In Madli's news, I did not rip the whole thing out, but I did tink back about 5 or 6 rows. That sucked. I tinked back until everything was all right, then PUT IN A LIFE LINE, which was good, because when I got home from the party, I somehow managed to screw it up again. I had too many stitches and a random loop of yarn sticking out of one of the nupps (?!?). [sigh] I swear I wasn't drinking. I ripped back to the life line. I have now finished the rows with the nupps in them (source of all evil) and have placed another life line. I think it helped that I was only listening to the Olympics at the same time not watching, and I turned on every light in my living room. Usually, to conserve energy, I live in cave-like darkness, but I can knit in the dark, so it all works out. Lace I can not knit in a cave, apparently. This is very unfortunate.

Next to my computer is the business card I got from Pajolo Alpacas, the farm I bought my lace yarn from. I just noticed that not only do they breed Alpacas and sell stuff, they list "boarding" as one of their services. So if you live near Austin, MN and are going out of town, now you have a place to board your pet alpaca. What a relief.


Teri said...

You are stupidly happy that I am leaving? *sobs*

I ate too much as well. Great food all around. I love potlucks, you can always find something tasty to eat. And if too many people show up, well they've brought food too so it's all good.

Thanks for coming, Sid liked meeting you and everyone else.

Beth said...

No, I just look stupidly happy. I thought I could have a nice picture of myself and my friend to frame and put somewhere, but somebody didn't really smile.