Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lookin' Around

Today, some comments and spotlights on other people's blogs:

1. Katherine at Knitpowers - isn't she the cutest fashionista in Oz? How adorable! I really need to cut my hair, so I can be as cute as she! What a gorgeous knitter. Oh yeah, and I like the sweater, too. :)

2. Stinkerbell at Fidgety Knitting - Bless her heart, she used the word "VoilĂ " correctly. It was easy for her, since she lives in France, but still. I appreciated it. I HATE that when people type "walla" or "walah" or something else stupid like that. It drives me NUTS! Don't use words you don't understand.

3. SavannahChik at SavannahChik knits - a new perspective. She writes "...I've been thinking I needed a long term lace project...". Hmmm. A long...term...lace...project. You mean, I don't have to get it done quickly? I don't have to feel guilty when I don't work on it every day? A long term project? What an idea. (Teri, are you listening?) I think we'd all feel a lot better about our WIPs if we just planned for them to take a long time in the first place.

Speaking of lace projects (not long term yet), 8 repeats done on Madli's Shawl:

Slowly, but surely.


Laura said...

Ooooh! Your Madli's coming along gorgeously! I'm getting ready to start mine...no, honest~! I am! I used to be a perpetrator of the voila! faux pas...spelling it Viola, like it was a string instrument, or something. silly me

Teri said...

Yeah, I'm listening. I've resolved myself to the fact that my lace shawl is most certainly a long term project. Perhaps I'll finish it sometime in the next five years...perhaps not. But when I do finish it, EVERYONE will know it.

In the meantime, I haven't unpacked it yet. I don't even know in which box it is currently residing.

Man, I need to update my journal so you can plug it like the others though.

Stinkerbell said...

Le Wow!

Lookie there... I got commented on by another blogger! Wheeee these little things just make my day.

Merci Beaucoup ;)