Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mystery Bug a Mystery No More

My friends mentioned my blog while my parents were here, specifically, Mr. Mystery Bug. They were intrigued not only by the fact that their daughter is broadcasting details of her life over the internet (Hi Mom and Dad!), but also by the opportunity to solve a dilemma. My father insisted that Mr. Mystery Bug was a centipede. Now, I denied this because the pictures I found of centipedes (yuck!) didn't look anything like Mr. M.B. My previous research had been cut short by a serious bout with the heeby jeebies. So I re-opened the case, and attempted to find more information, perhaps about different TYPES of centipedes. And then I found a lead to something called a House Centipede, and then I found a picture, and then I screamed and closed the window.

[Many people feel that blogs are only good if they have pictures. I thought that if and when I could find a real picture of Mr. M.B. I would include it. No freakin' way.]

Then I read that Danielle posted this comment to the original entry:

"Did it look like this?

I don't advise you take a look. It will make you toss your computer out the window to get that thing out of your house. But it is indeed a fairly good representation of Mr. Mystery Bug, heretofore referred to as Mr. House Centipede. (I think I liked the sound of Mr. Mystery Bug better. It sounded less scary. Centipedes bite.) Ooo. I have the shivers just thinking about it. You know, I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, and I can haul around 50 lb. bags of ingredients at work, and act like a little machoista, but bugs I just can't deal with. They make me scream like a little girl.

In other news, the family visit has been successfully executed. I survived singing the solo in church this morning (but it was close). We [almost] successfully escaped staying at church for too long (I think I just joined a bluegrass band). Everyone came, met my parents, had a good time and left. There's not too much mess to pick up. I have a lot of food left over, but not too much - I think I bought the right amount. My feet and legs hurt. I'm exhausted. I think my family is too. I think there will be a lot of snoozing in a big giant eBay van* going on across Missouri and Iowa tomorrow. I'll probably do my fair share, too.

*My sister is disabled, and in a wheelchair. My parents recently purchased an enormous conversion van on eBay and added a lift to it, and that's what they've been traveling in. That's what I've been driving all weekend - quite a change from the Prizm I usually drive. I call it "the eBay van".


Gwen said...

Beth - Had a great time today. It was nice meeting your family, finally. Finished my work about a half an hour ago Horray! I can't believe the weekend is over already. UGhh.

Teri said...

Eww...I couldn't help but click. That is one icky looking bug.

Glad you had a nice time!

melanie said...

Oh DEAR LORD, that is a scary bug! I followed the link and now I've got the willies. That is Way Scarier than my noisy moth. And you were all by yourself. You poor girl. *shivers*

Gwen said...

By the way I clicked on the bug last night and I think I had a latent freak out reaction. I was driving to work this morning and had this sudden mind vision of the bug and was totally freaked out. Stupid traffic. I was obviously on the road to long.

Anonymous said...

Oh, had I not looked! Ewwwwww!!!

*tiny owl* said...

ok i was too scared to look at the bug.
anything with more legs than my cat doesnt get a chance!
i love your site
and especially your little pink sheep!
i linked you from my site ;)
happy knitting
*tiny owl*