Sunday, November 28, 2004

New Yarn! My Favorite!

It's been another busy couple of days. Yesterday I took some stuff to the Goodwill. A very scary man met me at the door, but he took my donation very efficiently, and I was off to, you guessed it, the yarn store! Again! I forgot to look for some yarn for the scarf I want to make for my voice teacher for a Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter/Whenever I Get It Finished gift:

I found this luscious yarn:

It's part silk and part cashmere, and it is so yummy. It's Karabella Breeze. No one in St. Louis carries Karabella, so I felt good getting something I couldn't just get at home, and it wasn't too expensive. The two balls came to about $25, which is about what anything else would have cost for 400 yards, and again, it's yummy. Even my mom, who can be somewhat critical, liked it. No complaints from her. None.

[Fun fact about Yarn Knit in Sioux Falls, SD: original samples from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch are in this store, on the walls, on the shelves, everywhere.]

The rest of the day was spent shopping with Mom (picture of pretty angora sweater to follow - Thanks Mom!), napping, and going out to dinner with my family. After dinner my brother and I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" which I hadn't seen. I thought it was hilarious, and the effects were very special.

This morning I got up at 7:00 (yawn!) and packed up the rest of my stuff. My parents tried to give me $50, to which I replied "What are you giving me money for?" and they said "It's gas money." Which I don't need, but then I thought of another stop I was making on the way home, and decided to take it. You know what I was planning on using it for. I know you do. What else would I think of when I see free money? Yarn, wonderful yarn.

About 2:00 I arrived in Overland Park, KS to visit Teri and see her yarn shop, very creatively called The Yarn Shop. But it was beautiful. So many beautiful yarns, and a lovely shop. Teri is so lucky. It was also a good place to sit and knit, and I did. We had a great time, and I enjoyed meeting her new friends. Everyone admired my yarn from Sioux Falls and my nearly-finished Booga bag. I picked out some JaggerSpun Zephyr laceweight silk/wool as a "souvenir". It was only $11, so I still had some money left to pay for gas.

Isn't she pretty? She's more of a Lilac, and less pink, but no less pretty. I have no plans for her as of now. She is pure unadulterated stash. I mean, souvenir.

Teri and her friends have not seen the Scarf Style book yet, and are still filled with the same dubiousness the rest of us had until we saw it. I strongly encouraged her to look at it if she gets a chance (the yarn store didn't have it.) I think you should all go and encourage her to look at it. She really really doubts that a scarf book can be any good, and I don't understand why my endorsement alone isn't enough. I'm tellin' ya', if I buy a book, it's gotta be pretty good. I own a total of 7 knitting books, including the scarf one. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Lucky voice teacher! Breeze looks delicate and soft (and I bet it feels awesome). That's an interesting pattern, I know it looks like one from Scarf Style. And yes, Teri should stock that book. It's THE book this season!

- MJ

Gwen said...

I am yarn envious!!!