Thursday, January 27, 2005

You Have Got to be FREAKING Kidding Me - and - AHHHHHH!!!!

Good news first:

Today I was expecting a package via UPS, and had checked the tracking info while at work and it indicated it had been delivered and signed for (presumably by a person in my apartment complex office). I expected that upon my return, I would find a UPS InfoNotice stuck to my door indicating my package was in the office. As I approached my apartment door, however, I saw not only the yellow and brown sticky-note on my door, but also a box. As I approached, it looked less and less like a box that would hold my expected shipment, and more and more like....could it be?...yes! has foreign words on it!

The Box of Foreign Origin contained this:

Doesn't that just make you want to scream out loud? I DID. I screamed out loud as I pulled the yarn out of the bag in the box. You all know that noise made while alone is worth about ten times the noice made with company, right? Aren't you more likely to laugh out loud with people around? Yeah, well, I was screamin' by myself.

It's so beautiful I don't even want to knit it for fear of ruining its blissful purity. I love bright colors so much. I was concerned about the orange being near my face, but it's not too bad. The green would be horrendous. The orange is do-able. Here is a picture of the FO goal:

Here is a link to the pattern.

And here is a link to my past thoughts on this project.

Now for the bad news: my teacher of little focus has, since leading me on with the promise of PowerPoint, abandoned all sense of organization or preparation and has taken to rambling through the text making random comments about a word here, a picture there, nothing in particular everywhere. We covered FOUR CHAPTERS today. Four chapters in an hour and a half. At this rate, I figure we'll be through the entire book in 9 days. He literally flips through the textbook and picks and chooses little things to comment on, and most of the comments are things like "I have one of those." or "I like that stone ground mustard." Is that going to be on the test? This is the most piss-poor excuse for educating that I have ever encountered, and believe me, I've encountered a lot of excuses for educating over the years. Oh yeah, and I stayed up late last night to finish outlining two chapters, and he didn't even check for them today. Argghhh!

So I'm going to bed to think about my yarn for a while, because tomorrow is No-Homework-Friday. Oh yeah, my Peruvian Highland arrived from Elann, too, and it's also GORGEOUS! Not scream-out-loud-gorgeous, but I'll share a swatch soon. I need to practice my two-color technique, but the colors are so rich and pretty, and the Violet Heather will look so lovely on me. Yippee!


Alice said...

Those balls of yarn rival the sweater in beauty. In fact, I think it would be perfectly acceptable if you just spent a few more minutes with the yarn, taking in how wonderful it is. Enjoy!

Poppymom said...

Gorgeous yarn and sweater! I wish I could wear horizontal stripes. *sigh*

I'm so sorry that the chef is such a rambling fool. That's going to make for a long semester. Ugh. If you need any help with the material, let me know.

Gwen said...

What beautiful colors!!!!! They must look wonderful in person!!! I love yarn delivery days! Can't wait to see the yarn.