Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mission Accomplished -or- Operation Big Thank You

Operation Big Chop has been a Big Success. And tomorrow it will be all over.
This is the hair, with some cashcashcash for the sake of size perspective (I'm not actually sending them cashcashcash. I'm sending them checkscheckschecks.)

And here's the package all sealed (with a tear), and waiting by my front door so I remember to set it outside for the postman tomorrow.

I would now like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed:

Kathleen, Gina, Pam, Rachel, Betsey, Nancy, Lesa, Mamiko, Darra, Dani, Elizabeth, Carol, Nina, Lisa, Kris, Sarah, Lynne, Abby, Sandy, Donna, Carla, Gretchen, Amy, Susan, Londa, Carrie, Wendy, Jennifer, Melanie, Kirsti, Judy, Jennifer, Angela, Chrissie, Christina, Wendy, Gale, Lucia, Catherine, Heather, Lisa, Laura, Fern, Heidi, Holly, Judy, Kristin, Vicki, Elaine, Susan, Suzie, Mary Ann, Gwen, Colleen, Jenn, Teri, Carolyn, Denise, Leanne, Sarah, Tiffany, Danielle, Dianne, Nancy, Nancy, November, Amanda, Kristin, Ann, Jennifer, Lori, Melissa, Lauren, Robin, Victoria, Wendy

But wait! You say, it can't be over? Why not? Because you haven't given anyone the fabulous prizes! Ahh, you are correct, sir. But I swear, I've been trying. I picked a winner, Heather, and since she was supposed to pick which prize she wanted (and the second-place winner would get what she didn't pick), I e-mailed her at the Paypal e-mail address she used. No response. So I took the time (aren't I nice?) to search her out in the comments, and I left a message on her blog. Still no response. How much time should I give her? I'm still waiting to tell the other winner what she's won. I mean, do you want the yarn or not, Heather?!? I know plenty of people who would have jumped on that e-mail and responded post-haste, you know. What do you think? Move along, give her another chance, wait a bit longer? What would you do? I picked a third and fourth place just in case, so I'm all set to give it to someone else.


Gwen said...

I'll take it!!! I'll take it!!! (that is of course if there are no other claiments...) :-)

Lauren said...

I will take it off your hands. (although I will feel bad if she's out of town. but probably not bad enough to give it to her.)

La said...

If it's KU Heather, she might be in finals. I say, give her until the end of the week, unless I'm winner #2., then....screw it! Just kidding. I'd give her to the end of the week.

Vicki said...

Wait a second, KU Heather?? For what it's worth, KU's finals have been over for over 2 weeks. I would normally say move on to the next person (and cross my fingers), but I'll be nice and say you should wait a little longer. :)

Anonymous said...

Giving her til the end of the week would mean she's had 3 weeks to respond? That's more than enough time. I agree that if you don't get a response by the end of the week, you just give it to me - I mean, the 2nd place winner and then choose a 3rd place winner.

- Colleen

Kirsti said...

Why not pick something for her? Or give the second and third place people the choices, and she gets what's left? That way, at least she gets something for having her name drawn.

Kirsti, feeling so altruistic today, even though I wanted to join in the "just give it to me!" frenzy!

Heather said...

ACK! I emailed you back.....hmmm, I wonder why you didn't get it. I am so sorry. We have been battling the flu here. I would really love the kool aid dyed yarn in the grape berry splash flavour. I will resend you an email with all of my info. Sorry!