Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Weekend for The Girls

This weekend my best friend, Candice, abandoned her husband and child and spent some time with me. We took this opportunity to lure some of our other friends away from their families and we had a Girls' Day Out. We had lunch at Fitz's, then went on to pottery painting, and after shutting the place down, Candice and I went shopping and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, one of my favorites.

I forgot to have someone take a good picture of my hair, but my back was in one of the pictures we did take, and I chopped myself out of it:

Then today Candice and I went shopping some more, and had lunch at the mall. As we were walking past one of the millions of kiosks we were accosted and asked if we had 10 seconds to spare, which we did, and this woman proceeded to show me how to polish my nails. Have you seen this? I never had, but it's amazing. It's a square foam block with four different surfaces on it, and you use it to shine your nails, and sure enough, they look like they have clear polish on them when you're done! I thought it was pretty amazing, but the lady wanted $25 for a kit including a lotion I'd probably be allergic to and a bunch of other things. I told her I'd think about it, then as we walked away Candice informed me she bought the same thing at The Body Shop yesterday for $3. Well, I didn't have to think about that.

After our final foray into consumerism, I returned her to her family and spent some time with them. After which, I proceeded to The Body Shop and bought myself a Nail Polishing Block, and I'm in love. I just keep feeling my nails because they feel so smooth. I almost can't wait for them to look dull so I can do it again. Pretty and cheap. My favorite.


Vicki said...

Your hair is so pretty! Someone will appreciate it. What a fun weekend. I need one of those nail thingies.

noonie said...

I've been using one of those nail thingies for years. Don't forget to do your toenails.

Anonymous said...

The donations are coming along nicely!! Just a thought, did you check with your company to see if they would make a matching contribution? Some companies will and that would take you up and over your goal! Good luck!