Saturday, July 30, 2005

Preparing A Cone of Yarn for Knitting

Ready to make into hanks: One pound of Rowan Summer Tweed silk and cotton
In the process of winding onto Donna's niddy noddy
Halfway done: I had to take a break! My arm was sore.
Nine 50-gram hanks:
After washing, hanging to dry in my bathroom:
It turned the water a very bright and opaque red. I had to rinse it about 8 times.

[Update: It's about 9:30p.m. and my wrist (the one that has the cyst, and held the nidddy noddy) is absolutely killing me. I think if I'm going to "just ignore it" I need to be more careful with it. On the other hand, Donna recommended her hand surgeon to me today.]


Amy said...

Sorry your wrist hurts :(
Your skeins look great!

Gwen said...

I washed mine again instead of rinsing. Awaiting the verdict on weather it's softer before I pull out what I've already knitted again.