Monday, August 22, 2005


Uptown Boot Socks complete!

And as usual, whenever I complete a project involving cables, I think "I'm so glad to be done with that." But soon enough I love them again. It's a vicious cycle

As usual, details are here.

Now, which socks should I start on next? I have so many choices since I bought all that sock yarn at Stitches...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I bought all that shawl and sweater yarn, but I doubt I will be starting any of that soon. In fact I seem to be starting stuff from leftover Cascade 220.

Emily said...

Very nice!

heather said...

great socks!

Gwen said...

They turned out so cute!! I think you should start on some "Socks that Rock."

Dixie said...

I am so impressed with those socks!

I think what impresses me even more is that I've never knitted with double pointed needles. Never have knit a sock. And I'm scared to try.

Plus I have big calves so I don't know how to make a sock pattern fit.

But one day! One day!