Thursday, August 04, 2005


Finally, one sock is finished! And it fits this time.

This evening we all got together at the Barnes & Noble, as we are wont to do on Wednesdays, and I had a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino and a Peanut butter cup cookie (Dinner = Dessert). Towards the middle of our evening, our friendly neighborhood B&N boy came around to pick up our dirty plates, and I most happily handed him mine, along with the napkins I was also finished with.

I was at the time reading the new Vogue Knitting magazine, which I will review forthwith. When I was done with the magazine, I set it down, and went to pick up the sock again, and realized that I had handed my fifth needle to our friendly B&N boy along with my plate and napkins, all three being white, and me being stupid.

With great humility and embarassment I had to go up to the counter and ask him about it. It turned out he had dumped the garbage in the garbage can (duh!) and that's where it surely was. I tried to protest that I didn't really need it, but he galantly dug in the garbage for me, found it, and even took it back into the kitchen to wash it off before handing it back to me. If you would like my forwarding address it will be 142 UnderRock St. , DyingOfEmbarassment , MO.


Teri said...

1. Was he hot?
2. Did he do it to win your affection/attention?
3. Totally worth it regardless of the previous answers.

Actually, I now have NeedleRetrievalEnvy as well as YarnEnvy. I think I've purchased two packages of size 1-5 dpns over the past couple of years because I keep misplacing one.

Lauren said...

Sounds like a total sweetie!

Amy said...

Hope he was cute!

Heather said...

ROFL! I can't believe that he dug it out of the trash for you! That is customer service I tell ya! Glad to see the half of a pair of socks completed. I need to take the plunge and do a pair of socks but for some reason my dpn's are just laughing at me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Teri and Amy, that's exactly the first thing I thought of!! Was he cute?!

Good luck with that and, as always, lovely job on the sock!