Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Got It!

I've got it. It's in my hot little hand. Apparently there were copies available at StitchesEast, I just didn't hear about it. There's been very little buzz. What's up with that?

Anyway, I came home from work for lunch hoping to catch the UPS person, but didn't. Thank goodness someone was at the office, and I picked up my package. I then spent quite a bit of my afternoon perusing and reading. I think it's just lovely. I don't love all of the projects, but I didn't in the other two books, either, and this one certainly covers new techniques. She has even included how to do steeks! I can't wait to go through it and absorb a bit more. Color is such an enormous topic; I can't believe she crammed it all into one book.

I also got Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting, so I need to go absorb that, too. I better get to bed where I do my best absorbing. I promise to have proof and reviews shortly.

In other news, I have a new pair of jeans, and I love them. They're comfortable. I'm sure you all know how hard that is to find. I'm so sick of the other pair I have that I love, I'll probably wear the new ones every day for a week. Please celebrate with me.


Chris said...

That's my current obsession, ones to fit just right. Pray tell where did you get yours?

Amy said...

Mine came today too- it was waiting for me when I got home. Going to read it now!

NuggetMaven said...

Just a friendly tip, if you choose to wear them every day for a week straight... I suggest hitting them with a few spritzes of Febreeze when you're asleep, to freshen them up a bit.