Friday, October 21, 2005

So Close, I Can Taste It...Blech

Look! It's the last piece of the Isis Wrap. I messed up the lace near the top, but you can't really tell, unless you look for it, and I'm not going to point it out to anyone but you. I just need to sew the pieces together, then complete the ribbing along the back of the neck, and it'll be done! Too bad it's cold, and I'd rather work on other projects. I will persevere, however, considering how close it is. I haven't had an FO in a while, and I have a lot of WIPs. I took tomorrow off from the yarn shop, which will be most refreshing, I think. I haven't ever taken a day off unless I had something else I had to do, so this should be nice. I can't wait. An actual two-day weekend. It's like a crazy dream.


Gwen said...

Enjoy your day off. I know you've been crazy busy lately. I had the week off work and I'm much refreshed.

Think the wrap is going to look awesome.