Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Few Knitty Updates

1. I went to the doctor yesterday. This would not be noteworthy, except that I had to stand on the scale, and made the mistake of looking at it. In fact, I think I stared open-mouthed at it until the nurse told me to come along. When I got home, I decided to try knitting while on my elliptical trainer. I did drop one stitch, and had to stop for some crochet hook surgery, but all-in-all it went great, and maybe now I'll get a bit more exercise. And more knitting done.

2. I won the knitty lottery. A child has picked a blanket I made as her "bankey". Children have no rhyme or reason for their choice of "bankey" so there's nothing a knitter can do to win this particular lottery except to knit more blankets, thereby buying more tickets. I can die a happy knitter now. (ok, so technically, I crocheted the blanket. But nevermind.)

3. I joined up. I went along with the crowd. I'm a lemming, I'm a joiner. Off to the left you will see a now-familiar(to knit blog readers) button to click in order to mark your place in this world. Click it, give a shout-out and let me know where you are. Come on, everybody's doing it.


Kay said...

I love the idea of the bankey lottery. It's exactly how it happens (or doesn't). xoxo Kay

Chris said...

I too scored by crocheting THE blanket for my cousin's daughter. She still has a piece of it left from the scraps. It was 19 years ago. For my daughters I made quilts. My eldest adored her "pilt" my youngest adored the quilt a friend made for her, flannel bunny print on back!

Emily said...

#1--I love the solution.

#2--Congratulations! (There's a minor corollary when your pet actually sleeps on the blanket you made for him/her.)

#3--I'm sucked in, too.

Brenda said...

Knitting on the elliptical machine? Go Girl! Um, I have a stationary bike, might try it. Oh, but that would mean I would have to be on the bike . . .ok, it could be stationary to spare me the misery. ;)

Jenifer said...

Hi there Beth! Nice Isis you just made! I was just re-noticing that again in the magazine this week and thinking I should make one. Is that the same lace stitch as Charlotte's Web, do you know? It's so cute. And re: exercise and knitting, I have a spinner, and I've just recently figured out that big needle projects like felted bags are the best, because it doesn't really matter how well it's knit as it'll be felted anyways. I sit and knit while cycling, which squeezes out an extra 20 mintues at least for me. Thanks for the comment re: the weight of the front sweater ... I just thought of that as well last night. We'll see if I can finish the front today, then weigh it (I'm such a geek I have a postal scale at home). :)

Lissa said...

thank-you. your blog amde me smile this morning. I love your sense of humor and will be back!