Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Have a Big Head

I think I tried to do a backside 1080 and fell on my butt.

You see, I have a big head, bigger than I thought, and I'm this close to ripping out the hat to before the braid because I'm just not happy with it. I don't think it's big enough to give me the look I want. Nobody needs the hat-head associated with a tight hat. And I'm not happy with the tension. I think I'd like it better if I doubled the pink.

I know, I know, I could block it out. But I just don't think that'll be enough here. With the stranding, it won't stretch as much as one-color knitting.

I like the look of the Knit-Flat Hat in The Knit Stitch; it's kind of square. My hat is definitely more of a skin-tight, painted-on look.

So, it's too late (at night) and too soon (after deciding) to rip. I will sleep on it and wait until tomorrow night to show it to the group at Barnes & Noble, and if I decide to rip, they will be there to support me.

But it's ok. If were really in the Olympics, and had really fallen while snowboarding, attempting a backside 1080, I'd just kick butt on my second try, and that one would count, and I'd still get a medal. Sounds good, huh?

In other news, Pastry class is going swimmingly:


Emily said...

Mmm, look at that pretty tart.

Group support for ripping sounds very, very handy.

Kirsti said...

That tart does look delicious. I do like the colours and the colourwork pattern you're using for the hat, but understand about the shape. Good luck if you do decide to rip it ... there's still plenty of time to get that gold!

Dixie said...

I'm with Kirsti - I think you've got enough time to make your hat the way you want it to be.

That tart looks too good to eat!

Jenn said...

Your hat matches your blog. Did you plan that? :P