Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Wish I Had Three Feet

Look! A brand new pair of vintage socks!

It occurred to me this evening that it is the eve of a Grand Event, and I was nearing the end of my ubiquitous sock. If I was going to still have a sock to take a picture of with Stephanie, I was going to have to hustle my bustle and finish this one in order to start a new one (the new one also requiring some hand ball-winding). So I did.

The pattern calls for a toe made of even decreases until eight stitches remain, draw the yarn through and pull tight. It made a very triangular toe, but if Nancy Bush suggests it, it's worth a try. Honestly, I can't tell when wearing it that it's any different than any other toe I've ever made.

And, as usual, I made the leg just a little shorter than called for, and I had a ton of yarn left over. I always have a ton of yarn left over. I could almost make a third sock from it. What's up with that? I certainly don't have small feet.

The pattern is a little lacy, and as I walk, I can feel the air move through the holes. It's kind of cool.

Now, what to wear, what to wear?


Emily said...

I can't believe the Harlot is finally coming to St. Louis--and I now live in Oklahoma.

Have a great time tonight.


The socks are divine.

Jess said...

Lovely socks! There are a lot of ones in that book that I'm itching to try.

I hope you had a great time with the Harlot! SHe's coming to the Twin Cities sometime this summer (presumably) and I'm so excited!

Tipper said...

Why are everyone's finished Vintage Socks socks so much nicer than the ones in the book? I've TRIED to like the book, but nothing ever speaks to me until people like you post your nice creations.

Did you mention the yarn you used? It looks great!

Kari said...

Love the socks!