Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's Not My Birthday

Last night was my practicum final for my Pastry class. I had to bake a cake and decorate it. We had pretty strict guidelines, (i.e. we had to write "Happy Birthday _______" in chocolate on the top) and here's what I turned out:
Too bad it's a nasty genoise and chocolate mousse inside; it looks so pretty on the outside. My teacher said he expected more from me, but I like the simplicity and clean lines. I've never been one for a lot of flowers and frou-frou stuff on my cakes. That's why I like rolled fondant so much. But that's another class.

The Socks That Rock continue, and while the fabric might be a bit thick, they're comfortable when I try them on.And there is just a wee bit of flashing or pooling, which is easily ignored. I didn't even notice it until I took this picture.


Brown Eyes said...

love the socks!

the cake looks great too!

Penny Karma said...

Happy non-birthday!

I wanna take a Pastry Class. I think my husband would let me if I told him it was a Pastie Class... aren't boys silly?

Timotab said...

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Anonymous said...

Not impressed? Maybe you should show him some of the stuff you've done in the past - like Jenn's baby shower "cake" with the starry dome. That was quite impressive - I got pictures if you want to send them to him. ;)

And the socks look very yummy!


erin.mc said...

Now I am craving cake... yummy