Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Quest

A few weeks ago, Stephanie posted this:
which someone had brought to a book-signing. It's very cool, and it got me thinking that some point protectors would be a good thing, considering my propensity to lose my fifth needle. Steph's needle holder is not widely available, so I set out on a hunt.

The most widely available dpn holders look like this:
They're little rubber things that hold the needles together. Functional, yes. Elegant, no.

The next most common needle holder things look like this:They're made of leather and one goes on each end and is connected with elastic. Again, functional, yes, I suppose. Still, not elegant. Why do they have to be hexagons? Why wouldn't they be rectangular? I don't get it.

The last set I found were just a variation on a theme, and still, not very attractive. And not quite as functional as the tube above. I love the thought of encasing the needles and not having a bunch of elastic hanging around.

So why is this all that's available? Do any of you know of any other options? I've spent some time thinking about ways I could make my own. I think a trip to Home Depot might be in order; I shall wander the aisles and when offered help I shall refuse, because it's easier than explaining.


trek said...

Hexagons are pretty and all but certainly less functional than rectangles for this purpose - I don't get it either.

Gwen said...

I don't understand the leather things. That' one's just not registering with me. I usually lose my needles when gesturing enthusiastically and it sumps out of my hand and rolls on the floor and under a table... Ughh.

Can't wait to see you next weekend.

techygeekgirlknits said...

Did you try e-mailing the store Stephanie posted that she got them? Maybe they can tell you the manufacturer.

Hey, I refuse help at Home Depot too, but mostly because the guys think they are helping a dumb blond and it pains me to hurt them so by showing them I probably know more than them...and I agree, some things are just too hard to explain!

margene said...

I use the last one you pictured and like it well enough. It's easy to remove and works well. If you loose it then it's not expensive to replace.

Jess said...

Kerry got a wood needle protector tube thingy from MDS&W. it looks much like the one pictured in your post, but wooden. Gorgeous. Anyhow, she put a link to the seller in the linked post - go look.

Jenna said...

I tried to get something in home depot once....I wanted plexi glass and was standing there looking at it and tryig to decide how much I needed. And the usual dense, plodding salesman came along and when he asked what size? I said .."oh 16-20 you have a ruler?... yea make it 18 inches and that should be fine." He replyed "geeze lady don't you know what size you windows you have???" " well as a matter of fact I do" I answered.."but I a buying this to make cookies and bread on so the counter stays clean and I can clean it outside with the hose"...he looked at me like I was crazy.......I guess I won't take him any cookies or bread!!!! Why do they think that because they are men and we are mere women that they know it all?? Such misinformed little people!!!

Michelle from new Brunswick said...

Well these are all interesting ... I never really though about buying something specifically for that... I just use an covered elastic band. Works good for me :)