Thursday, June 15, 2006

No Boba For You!

My move (which still has no details) has gotten me thinking "How will life be different in Cincinnati?" of course. I've spent a considerable amount of time searching the Cincinnati Yellow Pages and the internets for businesses I enjoy in St. Louis. Most of my favorites are fixtures in both locales (Target!), but there are a few things I will miss.

1) Ted Drewes. I didn't have to look this one up, it's definitely local. Oh how I shall miss you, frozen custard.

2) Imo's pizza. Another one I didn't look up, but this one I'm not sure I'll miss that much. :|

3) Sonic Drive-In. There is one Sonic in the greater Cincinnati area, but how far is too far for fast food?

4) California Pizza Kitchen. Best bacon-as-ingredient in the world. Closest location to Cincy: Dayton. How far is too far for a salad?

5) Qdoba. A good alternative to Taco Bell when you're feeling fast and spicy, but not, well...Taco Bell.

6) No Bubble Tea in Cincinnati. How backward is that? But with no California Pizza Kitchen, what did I expect? There also is no Whole Foods, but there is a Trader Joe's and a Wild Oats. There's also another store the name of which I can't remember that might be an acceptable replacement.

On the flip side, Cincinnati has better BBQ, and Schlotzky's Deli. I think I'll survive.


Lauren said...

I most certainly do NOT miss Imo's. Blech. I do miss Crazy Bowls & Wraps and the good local pasta sauces at the grocery stores.

techygeekgirlknits said...

We will miss you STL, but I'm sure you will have a great time in Cinnci. And I'm sure that you will find all sorts of fun/cool places to eat there. And get into Louisville if you can, especially for the Derby- it's only an hour away and great places there too! Good luck...

Nomad said...

Ok, so I don't know of frozen yoghurt in the area, but one word will fix that: Graeter's. My favorite is the peppermint.

Gwen said...

I definitely miss Ted Drewe's. I've tried 2 local frozen custard places in KC and neither match up to Silky freeze, much less approach Ted Drewe's. I miss Penn Station Subs. There aren't any of those in KC. On the other hand, there are tons of Chipotle (similar to Qdoba). Yumm. Still searching for good chinese though. :-(

Michelle said...

I've never been to Qudoba, but they are opening one near me, I live in the Cleveland area..but I like Chipotle, I'm guessing there should be a few of those around there...Similar? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

Qboda's is just getting popular in the midwest - so be one gets to cinci soon.
Oh and Ritter's or blanking on the other frozen custard places here in the midwest -- try theses they are goooooood!

JRS said...

Nothing could be better than Smokin' Al's on S Hampton in Dogtown! It's even better than KC bbq, imho!

But I'm sure you will find all kinds of good stuff in Ohio. At least they have Trader Joe's and Target! How are the LYS sounding? Anything as nice as Knitorious and the Weaving Dept?

Nanc said...

No frozen custard (since I was last there), but definitely check out Greater's Ice Cream. My fav? Black Raspberry Chip (and the chips are huge)!

Grocery-wise, check out Jungle Jims. This started out as a simple produce stand and grew into this huge grocery that still provides the freshest and greatest variety of produce, meats, and.. well, everything! It's located up in Springdale, north of the city. (Near the 'burbs I grew up in.)

Good luck, and damn - I think I need to go back for a visit!