Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back In the Saddle Again

I finally have DSL in my new apartment! Yippee! I can now post pictures and blogging holds meaning for me again.

First, proof that I have been knitting. This was taken on the 8th of July.

Second, pictures of the Koigu I bought the second day I was here:

None of them are very accurate. But you get the picture. Koigu. Available locally. Me happy.

Tomorrow: pictures I took of my apartment before I filled it up with stuff.

Work continues to be a blessing, and my boss thinks I'm smart. I'm busy and my feet hurt, but happy happy joy joy.

[Also, if you believe in appealing to a higher deity on behalf of others, please include my sister and her husband. I'll not disseminate the details across the internets, but suffice it to say they would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.]


Gwen said...

Having Koigu available locally is definitely a plus. I can get it in two different places here.

My thoughts and prayers are with your sister and her husband.

15 days baby!!


Teri said...

15 days until I start getting depressed that I can't join you ladies this year. Again.

Good to see photos again and I'm glad you're getting settled in...Koigu love!