Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First String Progress

It's getting closer! It's looking more and more like something that might fit over a human being. Only three more decrease rows (and a lot of straight rows) to go. It's at that point where it is changing more and more as I work on it, and it's all I want to do.

Tomorrow I think I will be attending my first local Stitch n' Bitch. I've been meaning to go, but I was under the impression that it was on Mondays, and what with all the traveling I've been doing recently I didn't feel like going on Mondays. But I have not been traveling, and I also discovered that it is on Wednesdays.

I've recently come to the point where I feel comfortable in my own home, and am ready to venture out. Unfortunately, I don't know where to go. In St. Louis I learned a lot about the city by meeting people on the internet and going to meet them at new-to-me restaurants. I'm not really interested in wasting any more of my time doing that, but I might be wearing down. My other avenues of discovery will be knitting (finding knitting stores and groups, etc.) and joining a chorus (hopefully the May Festival Chorus, but whatever.) I also need to hunt down favorite stores. This past weekend's foray to find Sur la Table worked well; it was surrounded by a nice shopping center (Wild Oats! Ta da!). I'm certain I can find more interesting places that way.

What else? Any suggestions? Any locals out there with connections for a good spot to watch the fireworks? I'm finding out it's "the thing to do" on Labor Day weekend a little late and lonely. Maybe someone will take pity on me and invite me to tag along with their party.


Teri said...

You could always ask around at the yarn shops in the area to see if they have any knitting groups, or maybe find a local guild.

Good luck!

Nanc said...

I would love to know what you find in the way of LYSs. Even though I grew up in the 'burbs of Cincy, I didn't knit until I was in TX. So I'm a bit lost for that.

But I am coming "home" for a visit with the 'rents on the 2nd weekend of September. I'll be up north of the city, but if you want to meet up for a visit to any LYS in the area that might be kewl.

Oh - and the fireworks ARE awesome. Although I've only seen them from the Serpentine wall, I've heard that the KY side (Covington, etc.) is one of the better places to watch 'em at.