Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Inspiration, Motivation, Momentum

I have come to the conclusion that Stitches Midwest comes at a perfect time of year for me. It's near the end of the summer when I may have lost a bit of steam and need an awakening.

I have not worked with any of the yarn I bought, but I have shown it to friends and have left it in sight so that I may periodically peruse its beauty.

However, since I finished one lace project, I can start a new one, which I did. You may remember a few years back when my friends and I had a dying party and went a little crazy with the Kool-aid. I am finally getting around to working with the yarn I dyed.

I'm making it into a small shawl. The picture below isn't as clear as I thought; it sortof blends in with the carpet. I'm sure I'll post better progress shots as it progresses. I am enjoying it, but it is a little more difficult to keep track of where I am than Madli's Shawl was. Overall, I'm finding it easier, though; perhaps that's because Madli's Shawl was such a challenge. Now I can handle anything, right?

I've also been working on a summer sweater from a recent Knitter's, knit in the round, which now has a body and one sleeve. Once I've got two sleeves and am working on the decreases in the bodice, I will have new enthusiasm for it, and it should be finished shortly. I will be home this weekend, for a change, and should have some time to 1) work on it and 2) blog about it.



Gwen said...

I still love that yarn you dyed. It will make a beautiful little shawl. You might even inspire me to pick up my flower basket shawl again in some of my hand dyed.


Teri said...

Looks great! I think I might have a photo of you holding that yarn after you dyed it. Ah, memories.

kristin said...

I love that yarn that you dyed. It is beautiful. Hope things are going well in KY/OH.