Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Wool Gathering

This weekend I did some more exploring, and met some more new friends.

I met these guys:

And these two:

It was my first fiber festival, complete with what I will politely call a "barnyard" smell and sheep sheering. It was a small festival, so there was no "Sheep to Shawl" competition, but comments overheard on the way in lead me to believe it is growing. I had a nice time (if I were a spinner I probably would have stayed three times as long and spent four times as much money) and I supported the enterprise thusly:
That's four skeins of Briggs & Little 2-ply, three skeins of DZined (which was narrowly edged out at Stitches, but top of the list here) and one skein of Step sock yarn (the yarn with the aloe vera). I also had an ice cream cone and made a general donation to the cause.

Most interesting: the SCA booth, and the Civil War reenactment across the road. The assortment of costumes was confusing at first. And I don't think most people who didn't go to college know what SCA is; every time I wandered by the same young man was explaining that "we are an educational and research group who also does reenactments" or something of that nature.

Afterwards I stopped by Lambikin's Hideaway, a yarn shop, and Jungle Jim's, an amusement park for people who eat. Really, it's just an enormous international grocery store, but it was a bit overwhelming. Next time I need Bulgarian cheese, I'll know where to go.


Nancy said...

I wanted to go to a Wool Gathering this year but had to miss it again. I've only been to Lambikins once, but liked it alot. I really like Jungle Jims too. I try to go once or twice a year and can spend hours! Supposedly he is going to open a new one near Hyde Park. That will be nice to have it closer. (I live near Kenwood).

Teri said...

That sounds like fun, I'd love to go to a fiber festival sometime.

Oh, and I found the photo of you with your yarn that you dyed.