Sunday, November 05, 2006

Endorsements and Reviews

Today I retrieved the new Interweave Knits from my mailbox, and a review is in order. But first, a review of toothpaste:

I have inherited, along with other genetic traits, bad teeth. I spent too much of my childhood "under the drill" and I continue to have problems regardless of my dental hygeine regime, which is frustrating and uncomfortable. I am also a legendary procrastinator. Procrastination, along with a lack of desire to go to the dentist, had lead me to not visit the dentist for quite a while. Long enough that I was embarassed to admit it, and worried what might be revealed should I allow my teeth to be examined. Recently, however, a roughness on one tooth and a general increase in sensitivity drove me to buck up and find a new dentist. He was understanding and polite, and found no cavities. If I hadn't already been lying in the dentist's chair you could have knocked me over with a feather. The only thing to which I can attribute my current dental health is Colgate Total toothpaste. It's the only thing that has changed in my adult life in regards to my tooth care, and I'm sold.

Ok. Enough of that.

Interweave Knits Winter 2006
General review: Fantastic! I don't hate anything, and most of it is beautiful. Even the articles are particularly interesting.
This is the cover sweater, by Norah Gaughan. I went through a period of time when I wasn't as enthralled by her designs as I was originally, but my interest is back. I think this is very pretty.

I predict this will be a very popular pattern:
I predict an "Arwen-along", if it hasn't happened already. Not only do I think this is a beautiful sweater, but the construction is very interesting and different, which adds to its appeal.

Doesn't Eunny have a great sense of aesthetics?

I find her to be most inspiring.

Kate Gilbert does it again. Simple, yet beautiful. I don't think it would be flattering on me, but I'm sure we'll see some renditions popping up in blogland shortly.

"Pewter Coat" by Shirley Paden. This looks so comfy, yet nice enough for work or church or something. (I just checked out the yarn - 85% cashmere. Should I even bother to price it? Yikes.)

And talk about comfy. I just love this; I think it would look good on me. And I don't mind long bits of stockinette -- it's good for keeping my hands busy when my brain wants to do other things.

Lately knitted vests over woven shirts have been popular, but I like that this is a little more interesting, and feminine without being frou-frou.

And Annie Modesitt, as usual, has done something completely different. Usually, it's too different for me, but that's not the case this time. I'm still not going to make it as I would have nowhere to wear it, but I do like it, and think it's very interesting. Somebody much cooler than me will really enjoy making and wearing this.
I thought fingerless mitts were fingerless mitts, but aren't these pretty? I like them quite a lot. (More cashmere, though. Only one skein. What do you think?)
I also think this is cute.

As I proof-read I notice that these are all emminently wearable, I think. Yet not boring to knit or wear. Sometimes I wonder if I like something because it's a nice article of clothing or because I would like to knit it. Will it look like I have an interesting/beautiful/unique sweater, or will it look like I made it?

It's a fine line.


Chris said...

I love it too. Most things I wouldn't make, but thought they were wonderful designs. But many I would make if I had time, yarn, youth. I will do the gloves in left over Misti Alpaca since the top pattern matches the pattern of Ene's Scarf I just made with the MA. Jolene is a knitting friend and she is just a wonderful designer.

Michelle Gragg said...

What bowled me over about this issue was all the human rights type stuff. Like Microrevolt. I love interweave but never have I read the articles all in one sitting!

Amy said...

I just pulled it out of the mailbox. I agree- it looks great!