Sunday, December 03, 2006

No Phone Till Tuesday

I think the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area is bad luck for me. If you're a reader of the past five months I think you'll know what I mean, from the falling magazine that left a mark that still hasn't gone away to the Two Flat Tires episode. I've given up on mentioning the traffic jams, and I didn't blog about the accident that closed the interstate I was on (even though I got a lot of knitting done). Here's the latest evidence:

It's my cell phone (sans SIM card and battery) baking at a low temperature in my toaster oven.

I dropped it in a toilet.

I have ordered a new one, but even with overnight shippping, it won't be here until Tuesday seeing as how this is a weekend and all.

Should you ever be so unfortunate as to drop your cell phone in a body of water, turn it off and take it apart and dry it before you try to see if it works. I was away from the internet and this handy tip when the accident happened, and I probably ruined it by trying to get it to work.

So, if you're expecting a long distance call from me, or a text message, or anything of that nature, you can start breathing again. And if you're my sister, please don't go into labor until I have the new phone, 'k? Thanks.

[Edit: here's a link to the cell-phone saving directions I found and am following.]


Anonymous said...

You might have better luck opening the case if you can and air drying it. Turning it on may do less harm than evaporating the water out of it which will leave a salt deposit.


Rachel said...

I'm laughing with tears running down my face remembering the look on your face when Scott, Sandy and I tried to retrieve his phone from the sewer. We tried a lot of things, but we never put the phone in the toaster oven. :P

Colleen said...

I feel your pain - my beloved husband sent mine through the washing machine. However, I did similar, sans toaster oven. I removed the SIM card and battery and just let it air dry for 2 days. It works okay, but I think the spin cycle did some damage to the display and I can't get all the keys to work, like the Upper to lower case key. Other than that, works like a champ. Let me know how the Razor works cuz I was thinking of getting one soon.


Jocele said...

You're not alone on the toilet problem...I've dropped both my cordless phone and my pager in toilets. Neither recovered. I guess it was a good way to upgrade. Maybe?