Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yarn Crawl

I love a trip to a new yarn store, and today I ventured out with Amanda and Liesl (both blogless, I believe). We hit two Cincinnati-area stores and had lunch, and had a lovely time. (Gwen and Suzie, I might have some recruits for Stitches!) Naturally, I brought my camera so that I could forget to take pictures.

Now, I have enough yarn. I have enough yarn by my own standards such that I truly don't want any more. I don't have to set rules for myself because it's not a space issue or a money issue. It's a ME issue. But I still bought some stuff.

Stitch Keepers:
I use these more as "needle keepers" than stitch keepers, but they were strangely absent from the St. Louis market, and are omni-present in Cincinnati. I only had one set before, so I bought another different-sized set.

And this is a pattern I've wanted for a while:

I saw it on Wendy's blog, but couldn't find it in a store, or on a website that could sell it to me without charging a ton of shipping, which is stupid for a sheet of paper.

I also purchased a small bottle of Eucalan, being out of shampoo and willing to spend more money than I was in the past. I'll give it a try. I'll have to figure out if I can get my machine to not rinse......

In personal news, I heard from my sister today and Niece and Nephew are doing great. Nephew is off ALL of the monitors, is off ALL medications except one, and had his first real bottle. The stuff connected to his PICC line is portable, so he's able to go and "socialize with the ladies at the nurse's station" as my sister described it. Apparently now that he's experiencing a little freedom he's the life of the party. He just had another surgery on Monday, so Auntie Beth couldn't be prouder of the little trooper. He has finally been reunited with his sister, and they can spend some time together, although in the one picture I have of them Niece looks to be thinking "Mom, he's gonna kick me again!" even though he's not paying any attention to her.


Amanda said...

It was an absolutely fantastic day! I had a blast looking and yarn and drinking my swirled margarita.

Oh, and I'm totally going to start squirling (is that spelled right??? anyway...) away money for Stitches. Road trip!!!