Sunday, March 11, 2007

No FOs, but Progress None-the-less

This past week I've been fighting a not-nasty-enough-to-keep-me-home virus of some sort. I've had a very sore throat and a runny nose, and a general lack of energy. So I still don't feel like my usual witty self. But I do have knitting to share...

This is a baby sweater I started while I was in Seattle.

The body is knit in one piece, and I'm at the point where I divide for the fronts and back. I'm using Dale of Norway Baby Ull, and aside from the fine gauge and resulting time investment, I'm enjoying it. I think it'll feel faster now that I'm not knitting the entire body at once anymore.

This is a glove I started when it was pretty cold outside here. It's not cold outside anymore; I don't know when this'll get done.

It's Koigu that I purchased last year at Stitches Midwest. It's the only project I've started that I purchased last year at Stitches Midwest. Oops.

And speaking of warmer weather, I finally replaced my old walking shoes yesterday.

I went to The Walking Co., and spent a lot of money, but they're so much nicer than my last shoes, and they're not ugly like walking shoes used to be. I tried my local Lady Footlocker, but they had three styles to choose from, and I'm not exaggerating. At the Walking Co. they actually measured my feet, and made me stand on this machine that measured the force at different parts of my foot. I didn't mind spending a bit more for a quality shoe and good customer service. I took them out today, and had a very pleasant walk after which I did not immediately remove my shoes.