Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today I'd like to share a little bit of my every day with you, via pictures.


Every night it's the same thing:

This is the bed I climb into every night before I go to sleep. You can see that I have my priorities straight. (Soon I'll be moving all the knitting supplies from the second bedroom to my bedroom because it all ends up there, anyway.)

This is my view:

But wait!

What reading material is that?

Could it be?

Yes, it's brand new reading material, and it's beautiful. Here are some of my favorite projects:

I'm very happy with the newest installment of the "...Style" series. However, I do think it will be hard to ever top Scarf Style. Scarf Style was such an excellent book, but perhaps more importantly, we had such low expectations for it. I didn't know anyone who thought they would buy a book of scarf patterns, and I don't know anyone who wasn't surprised by it. Who's surprised when the lace book is full of beautiful patterns? Nobody. However, when the scarf book is full of beautiful compelling patterns, you might sit up and notice.

And now, I wonder what will come next? Dish Cloth Style? Slipper Style? How about Afghan Style? Cozy Style. Pants Style. (Seriously...Hat Style? That would hold a lot of possibility.)


Deb-o said...

I just saw this book on Wednesday and was blown away. I had been expecting a lot of shawls. I love that brown sweater too. I'm thinking the ice blue tank won't flatter a lot of figures. Maybe if it were cropped a repeat or two.

Tipper said...

It's Bag Style actually! :)

There's a knit-along for the Lace Style book at; this one's run by Interweave, not me (because the book is so different from its predecessors).

kathy said...

I would so buy the book Cozy Style! I am jealous; my Lace Style is "on the way" from Amazon - it's so hard to wait!