Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lace Magic

Ooo how I love the magic of lace blocking.

A shrivelled little blob like this:
which was mistaken for an afghan on Wednesday night,

turns into a beautiful web like this:

And after a full day of drying, it gets unpinned, and turns into this:

This is truly the fruit of my labors, since I also dyed the yarn. Follow this link to details about the pattern and the yarn. It's my Finished Object page, which I hadn't updated for a while. [Jen, one of the other new finished objects is on its way to you via the USPS, so don't click through unless you want to spoil the surprise.]

ps. My hearing hasn't fully restored, but I understand it takes a while for the middle ear to heal, so I'm trying to be patient. I no longer desire to stick something pointy in my ear, but I still say "What?" a lot.


Ann said...

wow - it's gorgeous!! I love the way lace blooms all at once, don't you?

good luck with the ear-healing. i've been there. it's no fun.

Nancy said...

That's beautiful, I love the color. I just finished a DFS too. Mine was started over a year ago. It really is a great pattern and shouldn't have taken me that long, but I but it dowm for about 10 months and just recently picked it back up again.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous!

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Lia said...

What a lovely shawl! You have inspired me to pick up my once-discarded Shetland Tea Shawl.

GLAD THAT YOU ARE FEELING BETTER (I live with a hearing impaired man, I understand how you must feel!)

Anonymous said...

Beth, this lace piece is gorgeous! I'm so impressed with almost makes me want to try to knit a piece of lace - almost! I think I may have to wait a couple of years until I will have attention and time to devote to something so gorgeous.


Lucinda said...

Very pretty! I have that pattern in mind to do *someday*.