Monday, September 24, 2007

Falling In Love Again...

....I can't help it.

Today a Sonic Drive-In opened a few miles away from me. I haven't had Sonic since I moved over a year ago, and I have missed it indeed. I didn't eat there all that often when it was nearby, but I knew that a Cherry Limeade was never far away, should the need arise.

So I headed down there, thinking that Sonic was so rare around here that no one but me would know how awesome it is, and I'd be the only one there.


This was the line to get into the Sonic when I arrived around 6:00 p.m. Yikes! But I am patient, I have my Traffic Sock.

This was my view around 6:30 after figuring out (after ordering) that they have changed the menu and I didn't order what I thought I was ordering, but that was ok. I still got onion rings and a Cherry Limeade, which was so much better for the absence. Where else will you get fruit in your pop? (or soda, or whatever. I'm so confused.)

By the way, the plying issue is still stalled. Let me explain what I feel to be the most important thing I want (and of course, the biggest challenge):

I absolutely do not want to ply the pink on the pink in any way whatsoever. It absolutely MUST be plyed in some way with the cream. Maybe in pictures it doesn't show, but in real life it is just too too and I don't want any part to be solid pink. This rules out the Navajo plying. If I had one long single, that's totally the way I'd go, but I don't. I have three short singles. Also, I couldn't find the information about how to join the singles together. I see how I could take my three singles and make three balls of yarn, but not one big one. Perhaps I am blind? Totally possible. Maybe I just smoosh them together, like when you felt the two ends of a yarn together in spit splicing?

I'm beginning to think my cream, then cream and pink, then cream dream is just that. I may just give up and ply the three together. It won't be that interesting, but so what?



Amanda said...

Okay, so you have 24g of pink and 54g of cream. It seems to me that you could ply the first 7.5g of cream together and then ply the 24g of pink with the cream (you'll have to alternate balls of cream here so you have enough to ply them together at then end) and then ply the remaining cream.

I'm not entirely sure how it works when you switch the yarn, but you must be able to do it b/c I'm sure folks run out of one single before the other at times.

I'd suggest asking Lorraine. She'd probably know the best way to go about it.

Ann said...

I'm so jealous you have a Sonic! I totally miss that from when I lived in the midwest. The closest one to us is 3 hours away but anytime we're remotely near it, my husband knows to make a detour to stop there. I love me a vanilla diet coke and some tater tots. YUM.

Anonymous said...

I live in NKY. Where is the Sonic? The closest that I know of are in Carollton or Lexington.