Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hooray For New Luggage!

Monday at work I looked at the calendar and realized that it was October. (How did that happen, by the way?) If it was October, then it followed that I had less than two weeks before my next trip to Seattle, and I was in need of new luggage. A while back, when I realized I needed new luggage, I had done a lot of shopping and finally decided on something but hadn't gotten around to ordering it yet.

I ordered it from and it arrived today. It's from Delsey, a brand I'd not heard of but apparently it's got a good reputation. It's highly rated at and and it came in blue, red, or pink. Usually I'd choose pink automatically, but it was a light color (easily dirtied) and I thought that as a woman who travels by herself nearly 100% of the time, maybe that particular pink wasn't the image I wanted to portray. I think I should go for more "put together" and "aware of her surroundings" than "bubble-headed Barbie-lover". Not that there's anything wrong with loving Barbie, but if you're a grown woman with Barbie-pink luggage, well, assumptions could be made. And there's something about my face that already makes people think I'm a naive child, which I am not. Anyway, my old luggage was pink, but a dusty rose pink, not bright, light pink. I went for the red. Better safe than sorry.

I don't remember the specifics, but somehow I got the small bag for free,

and I also got this bag for free:

It's kind of ugly and stupid, but it folds up to nearly nothing, which I can imagine might come in handy. Overall, it was a pretty good deal; shipping was free, too.

If you're in the market for a set of circa-1992 tapestry luggage from JCPenney and you live in Florence, KY you might want to haunt the local Goodwill in the near future. (Pre- wheeled-carry-on era -- experience history!)