Monday, December 24, 2007

Time Off Productivity

The time off from work has led to an unprecedented bout of productivity.

First, a finished object or two: This is the Trellis Scarf from Interweave Spring '05, I think. You can look it up on Ravelry. I'm not going to keep a separate Finished Objects blog anymore. Anyone who would really be interested in things like the pattern and the yarn will have access to that information on Ravelry. And anyone who is interested in things like patterns and yarns but doesn't use Ravelry should get with the times. No reason not to get an account so you can sign on and look up stuff. My name on Ravelry is "YarnEnvy". Go figure.

And I made myself a tree skirt.

It's very plain, but that's how I wanted it. I was going to use felt, but polar fleece is prettier and softer and washable, and I found a big piece on the clearance table for $1.99/yd. And I didn't need to finish the edge, so I just cut it out, and Voila! Tree skirt! Maybe in the future I'll do more to it, but when I imagined my ideal tree skirt it was plain white.

This picture also tells us some other things. a) Whether you pay them to or not, Amazon will wrap your gifts. You just have to lower your standards. And b) Mom and Dad, your envelope arrived today.


Gwen said...

Merry Christmas Beth! The scarf looks wonderful!

Amanda said...

The Trellis Scarf looks gorgeous!

Hope your holidays were lovely.