Monday, February 18, 2008

A Dark Horse

I finally have a hood, after a bit of wrangling due to dwindling yarn stock.

However, when I finished the hood, there was no more knitting to be done on the Kangaroo, so I had to pull out an old project to work on while the hood blocked.

In November of 2006 my sister was expecting twins, and Mason-Dixon's knitting book was very popular, so I decided to make the babies some blankets in the style of the Log Cabin. I purchased enough of that crappy cotton yarn in two colorways to make two blankets, and got started. However, I made a "random" arrangement of stripe widths, and I didn't like how it was turning out. It was not up to the exacting standards required for a niece and nephew of mine. Also, the heavy cotton made my hands hurt. So I put it in a bag and let it think about what it had done for a while.

Recently I realized that the easy washability and fundamental ugliness of the item made it a perfect candidate for lining a puppy's crate. Bingo! We have a purpose again.

And now it's done....

My advice: be sure to cast off each rectangle loosely. And made the stripes wide. And even. And don't pick ugly colors.