Sunday, March 30, 2008

State of Affairs

Finished object: Traffic Socks (see Ravelry for details, as usual)

Work In Progress: Little Miss Sadie, who chose to go all the way to her pen and use her litter today instead of peeing in the living room (progress!) and who also pooped in her litter without me telling her to, but because I wasn't there to stop her and she immediately re-ate it, she didn't get a treat.  (progress??)  :b  Gross.


monica said...

Awwwww Miss Sadie is soooo cute! I remember when we realized our dog ate his poop. Our neighbors must've thought we were nuts because we would yell NOOOOOOOO at the top of our lungs. I pretty much followed him around the yarn with the poop shovel so that he wouldn't have a chance to eat his poop.

Oh and your socks are purty! They match Sadie's collar so nicely. :)