Monday, September 29, 2008

Random News

Did I mention I'm doing the One Hundred Pushups Training Program? Well, I am. The idea is to train for six weeks, and at the end you'll be able to do 100 pushups. I'm at the beginning of week three, and I can do 20 pushups. It starts with a test to see how many you can do before the training, and let me tell you, it was mighty pitiful. I was in a lot of pain for several days after, and I'm doing the "girlie" pushups from my knees. But now I can do 20 and I'm not even sore. Maybe if I can make it to 100 knee pushups I'll move on to the real kind.

And, while my neighbors were being all helpful and neighborly after the storm*, they dented my car and didn't take responsibility. Also, they have started stealing my newspaper again.

Nice, huh?

*A few days after the storm, we all got lovely letters taped to our doors about how great it was the way everyone banded together to help each other and clean up the property. I did none of these things. I gave no help, I received no help. Apparently I am a hermit.


Gwen said...

That totally sucks!!! What a crappy person. You can't do that and not notice. Ughhh!!! I hate crappy people. Both times I've hit parked cars, I've owned up to it. Once with the crazy guy and once with a very nice man... Perhaps I should be more worried by the fact that I've hit two parked cars than that I backed into a crazy guys car...

It's crappy anyway... (((HUGS)))


Colleen said...

Is there any way you can call them on it - the car or the newspapers? It really makes life miserable when you have crappy neighbors, sorry they're being that way!

Good luck!! (((MORE HUGS)))