Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sock Yarn Inventory

My camera died recently.  More specifically, the flash, and while I hated that ineffective flash, it's still pretty important.  So my mother sent me her camera, with which she had taken all of 10 pictures in the past three years.

It's taking some figuring out, as it's a different brand than my old one, but I took this picture of my sock yarn collection, and the colors are pretty well true.

The picture looks a little yellow, but it's natural light, and maybe it's a little cloudy and maybe my walls are off-white, giving it an overall yellow-ish cast, but the actual yarn colors look right.  Maybe.

Anyway, I've been feeling this urge lately to re-organize the stash due to a change in volume and content.  The first and easiest step was to assemble the sock-weight yarns, and this is it.  22 pairs worth, and not all of it is bound for socks.  Not so bad, I don't think.  Could be way worse.  I store it in two hanging organizers from IKEA.  They are obviously carrying more weight than they were meant to, but they were $1.50 each, so who really cares?

Next yarn: lace weight.