Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Dog Ate My Cell Phone

Friday afternoon, I returned to the living room after getting something from the kitchen to find my puppy chewing on something she isn't supposed to, which has become the story of my life.

You can see from these pictures (click to embiggen) that the Palm Centro is NOT made from a new-fangled brand of pink Titanium.  It is, in fact, plastic, and easily mangled by a small dog.  Immediately upon retrieving it from her (in a rare fit of steady mind that made me reach for a treat instead of screaming and chasing her) I discovered that while I could repeatedly dial my parents' number, and quickly hang up, I couldn't do much else.  Most of the middle buttons wouldn't work.

So, I took the phone to my local Sprint Service store and hoped for the best.  They told me it would take 45 minutes and $55 at the most, and I might just get a new one.  Whoopee!  I went and did some errands (which ironically included buying food and treats for the offender) and when I returned to the Sprint store, they handed back my masticated phone with the explanation "he got the button unstuck" and I went home, a little disappointed, I must admit.  Well, at least it was free.  (Even the touch-screen works despite the puppy-puncture.)  I've heard horrible things about Sprint (and please don't feel obligated to share any more in the comments, thank you) but so far my experience has been good.

In case you're heartbroken that I don't want to hear your horrible Sprint story, here's consolation:  a cute puppy picture.  

Another in the "After Daycare" series.


Knitting Granny said...

I just wanted to say that I lurk around and check your blog every week or so. I have to say how proud of you I am - that you didn't come totally unglued when the pup ate your phone. You're my new, at least one of them! Thanks for being a good writer - I enjoy reading.

Emilee said...

Your puppy is so cute though! I lost my cell phone to a soda accident...but told my dad that the dog I was sitting for try to eat it...and he bought it. Good to know that something like that is actually plausible. haha I just came back from Cincinnati not too long ago and saw it snow for the very first time. I really liked it there ^_^
<3 Em