Monday, March 16, 2009

Now We're Cooking With Gas!

Finally.  I think I have a real estate agent (including a bonus check from my apartment management company.  Long boring story, but true!)  I have spoken to one person about a mortgage, and have a call in to another person recommended by a realtor this weekend.

Open House visiting was no more profitable this weekend than last, but whatever.  It's a necessary evil, right?  I have decided that a typical condo farm condo isn't going to be for me.  We do have some unique condos around here so condos in general aren't totally ruled out (look at this one), but are slowly getting edged out by the lure of total home ownership (and a lower mortgage payment).  It's really better financially to buy a house, but I still care about my overall quality of life, and taking care of a house has not appealed to me in the past.  But maybe it's time for me to be a big girl and take some additional responsibility.  Many other fine people have done so in the past and lived to tell the tale.

So what home-oriented magazines do you recommend?  I picked up a new one, Fresh Home, the other day, and it's cute.  I've always loved Southern Living and need to re-subscribe.  House Beautiful?  This Old House? Better Homes & Gardens?  Do you have any favorites for decorating and DIY projects?

In knitting news, the twins have four sleeves, and Jonah has the beginning of a hood.  Progress is measurable, just like I like it!  Someday I'll take a picture, but right now I have to get back to the real estate websites!


Gwen said...

I love the condo!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you can really get a house for a lower mortgage payment, you could budget in help on the lady, landscaping company for yardwork...something to make it easier :)


RicochetRed said...

After seeing the kitchen in that
IKEA/Pottery Barn condo, I like it even more. I can visualize some culinary adventures in there. And it looks like there's a lovely spot or two for herbs near the rear porch.

You're certainly capable of taking on the responsibility of a house and/or yard. The bigger question all along has been "Do you want to?"

My recent favorite shelter mag "Cottage Living" just, pardon the pun, got shuttered. Victim of the economy, I suspect. Bummer, it was as much about bungalows as cottages. As you know, I live in neither so go figure. :-)

Before you resubscribe to Southern Living, check out some recent issues. I think it's thinned out quite a bit lately.