Saturday, April 25, 2009

Next Steps

I'm sure many of you know that when you buy a bigger house, you need more furniture. I'm pretty set, but there is a lot of space that could use some filler. And if I'm going to have people over, I need places for them to sit, and set their stuff. Right now, we're a little short on chairs and tables. So today I went to the local Antique Mall to see what might be found.

One of the biggest holes and the closest thing to a "need" is the porch. I really don't have anything to put out there except my folding camping chairs, and I want to be able to enjoy it, and enjoy it with others. For starters, I found this set that I like:

One chair has four legs, the other looks like it would rock a little, and the table has a glass top. It's actually in pretty good shape and I'd just have to clean it and make cushions.  It's hard to tell from these pictures, but they're big and I think they'd be comfortable.  Downside: The set is a firm $230. But compared to new.... and right now $230 doesn't sound expensive compared to other purchases I'm trying to make. :)

At the other end of the spectrum, these are two folding chairs, for $9.95 each.
The seats need some re-upholstering, but that's easy and would give me an excuse to buy a staple gun. (fun!) They're not in the greatest shape, but not the worst, either.  They're unique.

I thought this might make another good addition to the outdoor furniture collection, perhaps on the front porch, though.  It's $50 and needs some serious paint help, so I probably won't, but it's cute!

Last, I am just thinking about this one:  What do you store in there?  It's only an inch or two deep.  How is this helpful?  It would make a cool bedroom addition, though.  I didn't even look at what it was priced; it needs re-upholstering.