Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home and Garden Progress

This'll be mostly pictures.

First, paint color results. Left: living room, Right: dining room. I love how the dining room color matches the wood and fixtures.

And some organization: the laundry room before and after

And lastly, some garden pictures. My day lilies:

A lone bee balm:

And Shasta Daisies: (no longer being eaten by slugs/snails)

And two mystery plants. What are they? Do you know? The one on the left seemed about to die, but then it rained again and is mounting a valiant comeback.
They're probably weeds, but I don't want to dig them out if they're not.


Jennifer said...

Re: mystery plants...I think the one on the right is honeysuckle; it is ALL OVER my yard and next to impossible to stop. If you've got this little bit, try hard to kill it while it's little. My backyard looks like a jungle because of it now. No clue about the plan on the left - good luck!

You're making great progress on your house. Congratulations!