Monday, June 15, 2009

Live From Wallace Woods

Hello! I am blogging from my new house! Yippee for cable/internet installers! Boo for stealing my neighbors' wireless-without-passwords.

Here are some pictures of my sortof finished dining room. I need to paint the ceiling, and under closer inspection, we aren't any of us very good at getting a solid layer of paint on a wall; maybe that's why it didn't even take a gallon. A second coat is certainly in order. And I will be very much more careful when painting the living room, although that is a darker color and easier to detect if the primer is still showing through. Remind me to do it on a sunny day or to bring more lighting sources.

The four walls of my dining room:

For some reason the picture looking toward the kitchen is quite yellowed and dark and I couldn't figure out the right approach to fix that. The other pictures are relatively true to color. I love it. Love it love it love it. With the incandescent light in the chandelier you can't see how well the walls go with the glass, but it does. I might be tempted to finish the dining room, forget about the rest, and just live in the dining room. But now that the living room is primed and sortof white, I can solidly affirm that I will probably love the color I picked for that room, too. It was difficult with the other color there, but I didn't want to wait until after priming to pick out the color; I had unrealistic expectations about the progress we might make on Saturday. And I am also very glad to have picked a lighter color; the room is much more bright and open, and I feel like I can open up and breathe in there.

Onward and upward*!

* Literally. I have to do the ceiling next.