Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Still Pretty Lucky

If you're still out there, hello.

You probably guessed that I did indeed buy the house.  I did.  It went smoothly, the appraisal was spot on (and no, they aren't always anymore), closing took 15 minutes, and the neighbors are delightful so far.  However, I did close on the last Thursday of May Festival, which was crazy, and I am possibly still paying the price.  I have not moved in yet, but I have until the end of July to be out of my apartment, so I'm taking my time.  But I'm still exhausted.

This Saturday is my Painting Party, which several friends independently volunteered to attend with great excitement should I have one, and so I am going through with it.  I finally, after much quiet contemplation at all times of the day and night, chose some paint colors, and really, how bad can it be?  I did my best.  I may be color-blind, but I understand color theory, the color wheel, and some very basic interior decorating concepts.  So there.  At least it'll match my stuff.  Tonight I finished removing old nails and many screws with anchors (what a pain!) and started spackling in the gigantic holes left behind.  I was right: spackle is a lot like frosting, and not an unfamiliar medium to me.  No problem.

I wish I had more pictures to share, but so far the place looks like it did before, just without other people's stuff in it.  I'm working on that.  Hopefully next weekend I'll rent a truck, and maybe the next weekend I'll hire someone to move the big stuff.  Who knows?  I'm playing it by ear at this point.  Even with the small amount of things I've taken over already the apartment is seeming less full.

And oh yeah, Sadie has only been there a few times, but she's getting used to the hard floors.  She'll like it more when I get some more rugs.


Colleen said...

Yippee!! Congrats and welcome to the joys of homeownership! :) I wish I lived closer to help you out with the painting party. Have fun with decorating, as that's one thing that really makes the house yours. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.

Karen said...

Beth, so happy for you. Post pictures as soon as you can. Remember, it will take a lot longer than you think to get things the way you want (we are going on six years now!!). You'll likely finish a project and decide six months later you wished you'd done something different and ... off you go again.

All the best!

Jenn said...

I second Colleen's remarks! Congratulations, and if I lived closer, I'd be there to paint - I actually love painting.

Can't wait to see the pictures, and I'm so happy for you!!!!