Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Have Progress: The Knitting AND Home Edition

Firstly, I am remiss in posting pictures of my haul from Stitches Midwest. I have been short of daylight free time. A full review is in order, and I will get to it shortly.

I will say now that Gwen, Colleen, Jenn, and I had a great time, and we spent a lot of time sitting in our hotel rooms knitting and watching movies and it was GREAT! Here's some progress, Ivy's hood is done and blocked and ready for a top seam.

And here's something you haven't seen for a while: a new picture of my house. The kitchen is painted. Correction: the kitchen is sanded and painted. It took more work to sand than to paint, even though it took a total of four layers for the red.

(I still have to put back the brushed nickel curtain hardware, and make some simple tab-top probably-white curtains.)
It is virtually impossible to take a good picture of reds with a point-and-shoot digital camera. And now you're looking at it on your computer screen, so who knows what you're really getting? Trust me that it looks great with the flame Le Creuset teapot and the black accessories. A long time ago I decided that my kitchen colors would be black, white and red, and that has served me well here. I don't think it shows in the picture, but the walls better match the counter now; on my screen the picture looks a bit on the orange side of reality.

Only the entryway and stairwell to go.


Janeanne said...

I love your kitchen. You did a great job!

Gwen said...

Love it!