Saturday, April 10, 2010

My House is a Magic House

A month ago my house looked about like it did in my Christmas card: gray and barren. Blech.

Today, things are happening all over, like nothing I've ever seen.

This clematis vine was pretty scraggly and having a hard time of it last year. I had cut the dead bits out, and what was left was a foot or two tall, and pretty sad looking. Here it is today: ready to bloom and reaching for the sky.

This is the peony, a plant that resembles an alien plant during many phases of its life-cycle. A few weeks ago this was barely a few purple buds peeking out of the mulch.

And this is the lovely magnolia. So pretty!

In the back things have been popping up, too. This is a little hosta I thought was a goner never to be seen again when it was run over by a backhoe. Guess not.

And these are tulips and daffodils. Who knew?

I am a notorious plant-killer and I didn't grow up with perennials around, so this seems like a magic miracle to me. That a plant can grow noticeably from day to day is a wondrous wondrous thing.