Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Road Trip 2011

Happy Easter everybody!
From my lovely neighbors: a ginormous Easter basket
How was your Easter?  Mine was pretty great.  We always get Good Friday off from work, so Sadie and I hit the road and didn't stop until we heard the storm sirens in Jefferson City, MO.  And really, we didn't even stop then, we kept going a little bit farther until we really stopped for good at Candice's house, where we promptly headed for the safety of the basement.  How exciting!  

Unfortunately, I am a dork, and even with my new blog-from-phone capabilities, I did not remember to take any pictures of my darling nieces-in-love (or anything/anyone else for that matter).  But I will always remember the hugs they gave me at Easter service Sharing of the Peace (best Peace EVER), and the great times we had.  Sadie, on the other hand, might rather forget.  She was so so tired.  But a good girl for the most part.  She didn't even whine when little baby Joe grabbed the fur on her face as only a little baby can.  Some dogs would not be so generous, and baby Joe would be scarred for life both figuratively and literally.

Ok.  So, now it can stop raining, ok?  Please?  Somebody turn off the shower!