Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally....Sewing Some Cushions

Last summer I bought a used set of furniture for my back porch, needing only a new set of cushion covers.  I purchased the fabric nearly immediately, but it's been sitting in my house ever since.  I'm finally getting around to sewing them.

Here's a big pile of bias tape:

Which turned into a big pile of piping:

Part of which turned into this:

One cushion complete.  Not my best work, but I'm certain the rest will go more smoothly (I really do prefer to work with directions and this is why).  It's certainly better than the mildewed and torn cover it had before.

(It seems on my computer that the resolution of these pictures is not so good.  They were taken with my cell phone, so no surprises.  But I will try to do better in the future.)