Sunday, March 02, 2014

More Adventures in Home Improvement

About a week and a half ago the light burned out in the ceiling fan in the craft room. Needless to say, light is pretty important in the craft room, so I ran out and bought a new ($10 halogen) light bulb, and it still didn't work.  After a new battery in the remote and a bit of experimenting, I concluded that the receiver needed replacement.  However, I really hate that ceiling fan.  It is a 52" fan in a small bedroom, the light always flickers, it takes a stupid lightbulb, and doesn't give off a lot of light.  Also, it's a very contemporary design in my early-20th century arts-and-crafts house.

And...while investigating the situation, I found this:

I am not convinced this is the best way to install a ceiling fan.  Neither is my Home Improvement book from Home Depot.   I decided that this was the ideal time to ditch the old guy and get something more appropriate.

(Also, note the highly-stripped screws.  Thankfully, removing them wasn't a big deal.)

And an appropriate box:
Much better.  Ahh.  Messy, but closer to code.

And the finished product.  More appropriate style and size, and three non-halogen 60-watt bulbs.  And no stupid remote to eat 9v batteries!

I went looking for a white lamp, but decided I liked this one so much better than the white option.  Oh well.