Sunday, October 04, 2015

Changes and Improvements

Weaving the dishcloths made me aware of a few changes I'd like to make, and they are all complete now.

First, the original tie-ups weren't all the same length, and even if they were, because of levers and angles and stuff, the treadles wouldn't lift the shafts equally.  So I bought some texsolv and pegs and rigged my own system.  It works great.

I ended up just cleaning the heddles with steel wool.  I have 100 on each shaft, and I'll keep working on cleaning more while watching tv or whatever.  I just hate to waste something that is usable with some time and effort (this also applies to the reeds).

I unscrewed two of the heddle bar connectors to loosen the bars and make moving the heddles easier.

I re-laced the front and back apron rods.  Much better.

I replaced the bumpers on the beater, and adjusted them so that they actually clear the screw heads on the sides of the frame.  It doesn't seem like they ever worked (the old ones were pretty beat up), and maybe the design was improved on later versions, but the replacement bumpers weren't any deeper, so I can't say for sure.

I bought a 24" stool from BB&B.  It's not your typical weaving bench, but it's tall enough, and wasn't $300.

And now I'm ready to make the class project for the Craftsy class "Floor Loom Weaving".  I don't think I'm going to make it into pillows, but maybe I'll sew the panels together into a throw.

The 10 dent reed seems to have the yarn pretty close, and it rubs some.  It's the prescribed yarn, so that must be how it should be.  I used blind slats for the packing.  I ran out, and they aren't very stiff, so while adequate for some projects, I'll probably get some better warp sticks when I get the chance.