Wednesday, July 28, 2004

All my Knitty Friends and I Eat Barbecue

These are all of my knitty friends knitting away at Barnes & Noble, as we are wont to do every Wednesday night. As I mentioned before, prior to our little "knit-in" we ate at a BBQ joint called "Super Smokers", a local chain. This was the first time I had tried Super Smokers, and while South Dakota doesn't sound like the kind of place to have good BBQ, it does, and I was hoping Super Smokers would hold up against my high standards. It didn't, but it was good. It just wasn't as good as the restaurants I'm used to, and I struggle with my next comment. It just wasn't as nice a restaurant as I'd like. I struggle with this because a truly wonderful BBQ place should be a hole in the wall. It should be Mom&Pop, and should have paper napkins and rickety tables. But somehow, the best BBQ restaurants I've been to have been somewhat nice places. They've served attractive food on nice plates, and been well decorated, and isn't BBQ supposed to provide large servings? I'm definitely not in favor of our current habit of eating until we're sick, but come on, it's barbeque!

All of my food was ok, but I had some small problems. I had the pulled pork sandwich, and the pork was not very seasoned and as soon as I tried to pick up the bun, the whole thing practically fell apart. Again, barbecue should be substantial, and only a substantial bun will hold up. This ain't no hamburger patty which will hold itself together. We need some substrate here. The fries were good, and the coleslaw was ok; different than I'm used to, but fine. I happen to think however that a cornbread muffin should be a standard on every plate and not considered a "side". But whatever, that's just me. I will give them this: they had a wide range of barbecue sauces, and they weren't just a "variation on a theme". They were all quite distinct and had their own nuances. I wouldn't recommend that you take a real BBQ connoisseur to this joint, except that I can guarantee they'd find one of the sauces to their liking. So, while Super Smokers is not my new favorite, and I will most certainly not be craving it any time soon, it'll do in a pinch.  Posted by Hello