Thursday, August 19, 2004

All My Knitty Friends and I...Knit

All my knitty friends and I knitting... we always do on Wednesday nights at the Barnes & Noble.

Not much of note this evening. I taught a little "mini-workshop" on double knitting. The wusses made 7-stitch-wide swatches, but they got the idea. Next week is Teri's last night. But that's just what she thinks. We have concoted an elaborate scheme whereby we are able to harness the power of the local political angst, and with that energy we can control the world! Bwah ha ha ha ha! And if we can control the world, we can keep Teri here! Bwah ha ha ha ha!




Oh, but wait, Teri reads this blog. We may be foiled. Damn. [sigh]

Oh, yeah, knitting. The Cabaret Raglan is progressing at an obscene rate, considering I worked on it just a little last night, and then for about two hours tonight. My wrist is feeling much better, thank you. I'm up to the raglan decreases on the sleeve, and have started on the second full ball (one and a half done). I'll be done with it tomorrow, I think. Everybody loves it, which only encourages me to work on it faster to get it done. It's already my favorite sweater. I don't need a man and a family to feel fulfilled...I have my sweater.

When did hotels get so expensive? I've been trying to find a cheap hotel for us to stay in for Stitches Midwest(I don't need fancy, just a ceiling and a mattress) but it's hard. AAA discounts don't get you as far as you'd think. Part of the problem is that the super deals are the deals like Priceline or Hotwire, where they don't give you a lot of details. This would be fine, but all of their deals say that they only guarantee a room for two, and there are 3 of us. I don't want to pay $30 to sleep on the floor. I think I found an ok rate, but the more we pay to sleep, the less I can spend on yarn. I was hoping to spend $100 this weekend, but I don't think that's going to happen. Boo.

Would someone please e-mail me and buy some jewelry from me? I got some red coral in today....Free shipping....I accept're getting sleepy.....very sleepy....


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth. I just wanted to comment that I've been having a great time at the knitting meetup on Wed.'s. I love your sweater, and can't beleive how much you got done!!! I, too, went home and knitted while watching the re-play of the men's gymnastics... pretty exciting stuff! Hey, how much is the rose quartz bracelette, and how big/small is it?
Kelly (with the lavender, curly stokcing stitch)
visit my blog at:

Beth said...

Kelly, Look! We're all linked up now. How exciting! I was very sorry to hear about your client, but glad that our ignorance helped your day. :/

For the benefit of all of those people out there just dying to buy jewelry from me I will post all of my prices here:

Bracelet: $40
Earrings: $15 (hypo-allergenic)
Necklace: $60
Set: $100

They are all sized for adults, but they're adjustable; you just squish them together to make them smaller, and stretch them out to make them bigger. I can do a child-sized by request. And I have a ton of different gemstones: aquamarine, citrine, garnet, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, opal, amazonite, cherry quartz, african sodalite, moonstone, peridot, lemon chrysoprase, red coral, cultured freshwater pearl, turquoise nuggets and chips, carnelian, rose quartz, quartz, amethyst, lavender amethyst, emerald, tourmaline, black onyx, I think that's all, but I'm probably forgetting a few, and if there's something specific you want, I may be able to get it. I can combine stones, too; I'll do whatever you want. I did a red white and blue for my mother (red coral, pearl, and lapis lazuli.)

Anyone interested can e-mail me by clicking on my profile, and then you can e-mail me from there!

Teri said...

Yes, Teri does read the blog. But I just got home from Stitches and I haven't unpacked all my yarn yet so I can't keep up with all your evil plans. Although I did wind my new handpainted sock yarn and start the toe. I was thinking about doing them in entrelac but I can't find any how-to's in any of my books and I've misplaced the handout from last year's guild program. So instead of looking for something online, I popped over here to see what you bought and have discovered your wicked plans.

Well, they might work if you learn how to spell concocted. For now? I think I'm safe. (Cause I'm a slacker and all that)

Look for a real Stitches post from me sometime before the next Stitches event.