Thursday, August 19, 2004

You're Not Even Going To Believe This...

Yes, it's the sleeve. It's done. Check out the time stamp. What is the matter with me?

Well, earlier today I had a headache, and the best thing for it is Excedrin Migraine Formula, which is loaded with caffeine. Also, NBC is re-playing their coverage of the Olympics, which I am obsessed with. And the headache is coming back a little, but I don't want to take more Excedrin, that's for sure. So I just sat and knit (and my wrist is popping now; Stitches will be a welcome break, I think). And now it's done and blocking. And I need to order two more balls of Aurora. I'm not surprised I need another, but I'm not sure why I need two. I ALWAYS have a ball left over, and I mis-calculated this when I factored it in, but it wasn't a two-ball-sized error.

Oh well. Back to the Olympics.